Administration’s Budget Calls for Deep Cuts to LIHEAP

The Administration’s released its FY 2014 Budget today. The budget would cut the appropriation from $3.26 billion (after the sequester) to $2.97 billion. Of the $2.97 billion requested for FY 2014, $150 million would be set-aside for emergency contingency, $50 million for providing competitive grants for low income families to reduce household energy burdens, $3 million for technical assistance for program integrity purposes.

The remaining $2.769 billion would be distributed by formula grants. Of this amount, $2.366 billion would be distributed according to the “old” LIHEAP formula and $403 million by the “new” formula. This would represent a significant reduction and change from the FY 2013 appropriation and allocation.

The following table shows state-by-state allocations for FY 12 through FY 14.