Congress Releases Budget Deal Including Level Funding For LIHEAP in FY2017

Congress released a bill on May 1, 2017 indicating they had reached an agreement on the budget for the remainder of FY2017. The bill includes $3.39 billion for LIHEAP, the same level of funding as in FY2016. Congress is expected to vote on the bill this week, providing funding of the federal government through September 2017. It will replace the current continuing resolution that expires May 5, 2017.

The bill also provides $225 million for WAP, an increase of $13.6 million.

The text of the LIHEAP appropriation reads:

For making payments under subsections (b) and (d) of section 2602 of the Low Income Home Energy Assistance Act of 1981, $3,390,304,000: Provided, That all but $491,000,000 of this amount shall be allocated as though the total appropriation for such payments for fiscal year 2017 was less than $1,975,000,000: Provided further, That notwithstanding section 2609A(a), of the amounts appropriated under section 2602(b), not more than $2,988,000 of such amounts may be reserved by the Secretary for technical assistance, training, and monitoring of program activities for compliance with internal controls, policies and procedures and may, in addition to the authorities provided in section 2609A(a)(1), use such funds through contracts with private entities that do not qualify as nonprofit organizations.

Bill Summary on House Appropriations website
Full Bill Text – LIHEAP language is on page 975.