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National Energy Assistance Survey

The 2018 National Energy Assistance Survey (NEA) documented changes in the affordability of energy bills, the need for LIHEAP, and the choices that low-income households make when faced with unaffordable energy bills. In order to obtain a comprehensive demographic picture of LIHEAP recipients and the characteristics of those who are helped as well as who would be hurt by the program cuts, NEADA conducted a survey of approximately 600 households that received LIHEAP benefits in FY 2018. Read More

Increasing Number of Military Families Receiving Energy Assistance

The number of military families (current and former) has increased from 12% of total recipients to 21 percent since 2008, increasing from 695,760 in FY 2008 to 1.87 million in FY 2011. During this period the overall program grew by 53.5% while the number of veterans households increased by almost 169 percent. Veterans households in fact accounted for almost 38% of total growth in the program between FY 2008 and 2011. Of specific interest, 12% of all veterans receiving LIHEAP have served in Iraq or Afghanistan and 6 percent are currently serving in the military.

Press Release: Increasing Numbers of Military Families Receiving LIHEAP
Military Families Receiving LIHEAP Assistance

NEADA – Other Studies

Congressional Research Service LIHEAP Formula Reports